"The FASHWAVE GENERAL and the haunted millenials

On January 19th, 2017 an apparent neo-nazi who called himself „GENERAL FASHWAVE“ posted a link on the infamous 4chan-thread /pol/ (which means „politically incorrect“). As part of a highly active international national socialist scene he proclaimed the necessity of distinct propaganda-aesthetics to spread the ideas of neo-fascism. What once was the music of Richard Wagner or the sculptures of Arno Breker and especially architecture for the nazis and italian fascists, is today delivered by a sub-sub-culture. He proclaims a mannerism that colonizes an existing (after some claims of the original artists heavily left leaning) genre – Vaporwave - to manipulate or „redpill“ interested people that otherwise could be drawn into „being bohemians or hipsters“.
He thinks that a circle closes when art gets recovered from „degeneration“, that with Vaporwave there is a door opened, back to the world of „the integrity of Greco-Roman appollyonic aesthetics“. The manifesto he wrote was posted to pastebin, a tool often used by programmers to store or share code and a good way to stay annonymous."


Presented with lecture at the a-Musik-Recordstore in Cologne

in Cooperation with Wolfgang Brauneis and http://institutfuerbetrachtung.de/